This is my first podcast so I hope you’ll bear with me while I sort out the techy things. I’m using audacity to record and edit.  I found all the instructions at castwiki . I’ve decided to host through gcast as I need to do this for free at present.  Thank you to those who have gone before me.  I’ve enjoyed so many podcasts in the last couple of years and will eventually get them up on the Blogroll.. but for now lets start with two Australian podcasts: Sticks and Strings and Knitting Down Under , home of the Aussieknit podcast.

 The Anecdote:

  • This week I spoke about my about my adventures with embroidery as I make my way through the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge run by Sharon B. 
  • Here’s my funny little attempt at Cretan Stitch.  I have redone the seahorse so hopefully there’s no giraffe in sight.

Underwater Scene

 The Thrifty Knitter

  • I purchased a seemly never-ending ball of yarn.  It is Hot Socks by sockenwolle.
  • I referenced the book “The Magic Pudding” by Norman Lindsay – a great Australian children’s classic.
  • And I mentioned that I wouldn’t have been able to knit my hats without Math for Knitters podcast

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • On this podcast we heard the monologue “Rosemary’s Visit”.  I hope you enjoyed it. My intention is to write a number of them including different characters.

I hope you’ll join me for the next episode.  I’ll endeavour to get a link to itunes and the rrs feed on the site as soon as I work it all out.