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I have a few words of thanks to those who have been supportive and encouraging at the begining of this venture.

  • Firstly to Brenda Dane from Cast On – for her warm and encouraging plug
  • Also to David Reidy from Sticks and Strings -for his plug
  • and to Theresa from Knitting Time Together and to Stitch Stud from Stitch Stud and his Bride for their welcome.
  • Thanks also to all listeners who have left comments – I am excited to receive them and pleased to know that I’m not some crazy lady talking to herself and the computer. 

The Annecdote

  • This week we heard the tale of my attempts to teach my Sister to knit.  Not very successful attempts, I’m afraid.  Though she did learn a bit of embroidery by the end.
  • In our hunt for yarn we visited Tapestry Craft.
  • In our search for a cosy but totally impractical cafe in which to teach someone to knit, we visited The Tea Centre cafe.
  •  I can’t find the copy of the magazine that had the article about teaching others to knit in it.  But I will link it when and if I find it.  In the meantime you could check out issue 1 of  Yarn Magazine, for some ideas on teaching kids to knit.

The Thrify Crafter

  • The tip this week was to try sourcing upholstery shops for sample books of discontinued fabric. 
  • I’ve managed to score some sample books for free.  The fabric can then be used for bag linings or embroidery bases.

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • In this episode we met another character from the yarn store, Rhonda.
  • The person Rhonda was speaking to (who was that, exactly? Partner, husband, father…?) was going to play a game of Paintball.
  • Rhonda was going to start knitting some socks – I wonder what pattern she was going to practice on?


  • This week I found inspiration quite hard to come by until I looked up at the clouds.
  • I remembered reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, in my aspirational hippy days. 
  • I also remembered trying to make clouds disapear with my mind. (Try Illusions – also by Richard Bach)