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  • Firstly, thanks to those listeners who have left comments.  I know I write this every week but I am sincere in my thanks.  Now I know what other podcasters mean when they say it’s the comments that keep them going.
  • A big thank you to the SES (State Emergency Service) for helping get the tree off our roof ….in amongst the countless other tasks they had to complete.
  • Apologies for leaving it so long between episodes.  Life got a little interesting with gale force winds, power blackouts and a tree on our house…and then I stuffed it all up and deleted my first recording of this episode.


  • I’ve decided to put a new segment in for announcements as I’ve had some to make over the last two episodes.
  • If you are in need to new podcasts try switching your country on the itunes istore page.  Not all the knitting podcasts are listed on each country and I found quite a few more by pretending that I was in the UK or Ireland. 
  • I found The Continental on Ireland’s page and My Electic Mess and Purl Diving on the US page.
  • Marly from The Yarn Thing podcast is running a Summer KAL-CAL.  There’s still time to join up so check out the link for more details.


  • I’m still continuing with the TAST challenge.
  • In the last few weeks I worked on cross stitch and designed “The Blue Lady”.
  • Listen to the episode to find out more.
  • As promised here is the picture.  Is she deserving of a bullet?



  • In this episode we hear about my first adventures in spinning, made a lot easier by some beautiful products.
  • Naturally, as  a thrifty crafter I’m not quite up to purchasing a spinning wheel – so I bought a beautiful Spindle from The Spindlemaker.
  • I also purchsed some very beautiful and reasonable merino tops from Virginia Farm Woolworks.


  • In this episode we hear about Vivian’s latest visit to the yarn store..and what did Vivian do next?


  • Naturally at this time the SES volunteers are incredibly inspirational.
  • Also inspirational was a chance meeting with a stranger who talked to me about art and encouraged my work.
  • We bumped into eachother at the cafe in Sappho Books in Glebe – they do a really good Chai.


  • All songs can be found on the podsafe music network.
  • In this episode I played She Dreams in Blue by Josh Woodward


  • How the wind must feel by Amy Kuney