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Thank you to everyone who has come back to listen to the podcast – I know I’ve only been getting one out every month or so.   My hat goes off to all those other podcasters who manage to write an essay a week!  I can’t seem to do it.  But I do thank everyone who’s stuck it out with me.



  • In this episode we explore buying a gift for my mother’s birthday. 
  • Will it be a store bought or handmade gift?
  • Will a case of shopping centre weirdness interfere?


  • After some positve experiences in a variety of thrift stores I’m putting out a $1 challenge – just for fun, ’cause I’m not really that competitive.
  • What have you found for $1?  Leave the results of your challenge in the comments section!


  • Today we listen to the results of Poppy’s visit to the yarn store. 
  • Have you ever tried to indoctrinate someone into the ways of yarn…or were you the indoctrinated party?
  • I think there’s been a little bit of Poppy in me at times.


  • OK…I may be yearning for better days but today I found a protest to be most inspiring.  People care.  It’s good to know this, whether or not we all share the same views.
  • The APEC conference is here and there are protests organised for Friday, which has been declared a public holiday for those working in the city…the question remains…once a public holiday has been introduced , can it be withdrawn the following year.  Will the Australian public stand for this?
  • There are lots of links for the Apec Protests – try this one or this one or this one.  There are lots more as well as links to other protests all over the world.  I’m hopeful that these will be peaceful protests.


  • We listened to  “Shopping High” by Jamelopoeia
  • and  “Secrets” by Jenny Dalton
  • All music from this episode can be found a the podsafe music network