• Thanks to those listeners who have joined the $1 challenge over the last month or so and left comments on the site to share their treasure.
  • Thanks also to those who have dropped by and said “Hi” on Ravellry.  Unsuprisingly I am listed as “changeling” with the same image as for the show.


  • There are two new podcasts to announce – The Crochet Side – hosted by Brianna and Knit Sibs – hosted by  sisters Valerie, Gloria and Julianne.

THE ANNECDOTE – The Perils of Public Knitting

  • In this podcast I regale you with a knitting travel story – brought to you by State Rail.
  • My current knitting project, now accidentally sprayed with Coke (-a cola), is the Notre Dame de Grace jumper by Veronik Avery.


 The Jesters Hat and Hexed Hat  by Wooly Wormhead ( directions to both hats on same page)

 Lace up Opera Gloves by Ysolda

Minature Felted Pumkin by Wool Winder from Wool Windings

Elf stitchette embroidery pattterns by Hillary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls

Brooke’s Collumn of Leaves Scarf

As well as about 20 other patterns that I will link to on a separate page on this site – please check them out.  If you know of a free fairy pattern please comment or email me and let me know and we’ll see what we can do about building up this list


  • In this episode we met the character of Simone.
  • Simone has bought some roving, or maybe a Spindle.


  • A former student of mine produces a ZINE called Branches with Leaves wich features her phototgraphy.
  • The fact that other people are motivated enough to produce their own creative work for it’s own sake is very inspiring to me.