Thanks to all those listeners who have still kept on subscribing to the podcast.  I really aprreciate it.  Thanks also to those who have got in touch to leave comments either at this site or on Ravellry.  I really enjoy hearing from you.
The Annecdote
  • My stash of yarn is pretty small but my stash of love overflows  – this is a tale of how Valentine’s day was celebrated at my place.
  • At the moment my favourite stash yarn is Madil Kid seta in a beautiful cornflower blue.
The Thrifty Crafter
  • Someone left a comment on an earlier episode with a link to Amazon sale pages.  I decided to link to some online yarn store sale pages:
  • Also…I though I’d just mention The Wool Inn at Penrith, NSW.  It has a pay as you knit system going where they hold yarn for 2 months so you can buy it a bit a t a time – good for all us thrifty knitters…not that I live close enough to make use of it – what a shame.
  • THE PAY IT FORWARD SWAP – I have joined this swap but no-one has joined me.  If you think you might be interested check out my personal blog for the guidelines.
Starbuckles – the Cafe` Chronicles
  • Yay!  It’s a new Segment!  I hope you enjoy it.
  • I hang out at Starbucks a fair bit because they leave me alone while I’m knitting or embroidering.  I’m going to collect some stories as I sit there…and bring them to you.
  • In this episode you’ll hear the first installment about my encounter with a very young and novice stitcher…and her Mum.
Visits to the Yarn store – Ellen’s Visit
  • I’ve recently attended a couple of Rubi and Lana Knitting group meet-ups. Everyone has been absolutely delightful.  But that didn’t stop me from being nervous and so I wrote “Ellen’s visit”
  • This is an entirely fictional account.
  • I also mentioned that Autumn has come to Australia, NSW.  It’s good and inspiring knitting weather.