Just to let any listeners know….

The podcast host that I use, (garageband/Gcast),  is no longer accepting uploads and will close in august, I believe.  I have yet to decide if I’ll continue producing the podcasts with another host.  I’ll need to find a reliable and free one.    Gcast were a great host, very simple to use and cost effective.  My thanks to them for the ride, so far.

GarageBand had an option to transfer files across to ilike which is linked to facebook somehow, (you’ll remember I’m no tech wiz here).  I’ve taken this option but so far I haven’t been able to find my own files.  I still have copies of the old shows, so if I do find another host I’ll probably put them up there too.

Many Thanks to everyone for your feedback and comments, here and on ravellry.  Apologies too, to Marty, who I didn’t get back to because my computer imploded and lost all my emails…(just in case you’re reading, Marty – it would be a bit sureal if you were…)