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  • Many thanks to Wendy from Wendy’s Modest Dress for sending me my first podcaster pressie, which I am obviously very chuffed about.  I received four gorgeous skeins of hand dyed yarn in the colourway “Antony and Cleopatra” – beautiful purples and aqua’s.
  • Wendy sells custom handmade sock bags as well as fibre…check it out here.
  • Thanks also to Andrea and Cindy who have joined me in the Pay It Forward Swap…some time in the next 6 months you will recieve…a mystery something.  There is still one place left  – you just have to sign up on my personal blog  – Changelingthings
  • Thanks to Yan Tan Tethera from Ravelry for sharing her instructions for the boarder of her pinwheeel baby blanket.
  • A long overdue thank you to those of you who have left reviews on itunes – it’s very much appreciated.
  • Thanks to those who have left comments on the site or contacted me through Ravelry to let me know you enjoy the show or make friends.  It’s great fun to see where you are all from, and really helps encourage me to keep going with this.
The Annecdote – There’s a hole in the bucket
  • I am still working on the TAST Challenge, whilst others are working on the TIF challenge.
  • These challenges are kindly set up by Sharon b from In a Minute ago
  • I did a little sampler/picture using Basque Stitch
The Thrifty Knitter
  • I finally did some Jelly Crystal yarn dyeing.
  • I used the instructions in Yarn Magazine – issue one.
  • I called the resulting yarn…”Butterfly Garden”
Butterfly Garden
Starbuckles – The Cafe’ Chronicles
  • My not so secret hidey hole was infiltrated the last time I visited and so I had to visit the competition.  Hear what happened in the podcast…
Visits to the yarn Store – Selina’s visit
  • Ever had a bad day at work and retreated to the yarn store to ground yourself? 
  • You might like Selina’s story….
  • This weeks inspiration is a movie review by an anonymous mother.
  • It is for the movie Smart People.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the “what you say” collumn to take a look.
Thanks to all those listeners who have still kept on subscribing to the podcast.  I really aprreciate it.  Thanks also to those who have got in touch to leave comments either at this site or on Ravellry.  I really enjoy hearing from you.
The Annecdote
  • My stash of yarn is pretty small but my stash of love overflows  – this is a tale of how Valentine’s day was celebrated at my place.
  • At the moment my favourite stash yarn is Madil Kid seta in a beautiful cornflower blue.
The Thrifty Crafter
  • Someone left a comment on an earlier episode with a link to Amazon sale pages.  I decided to link to some online yarn store sale pages:
  • Also…I though I’d just mention The Wool Inn at Penrith, NSW.  It has a pay as you knit system going where they hold yarn for 2 months so you can buy it a bit a t a time – good for all us thrifty knitters…not that I live close enough to make use of it – what a shame.
  • THE PAY IT FORWARD SWAP – I have joined this swap but no-one has joined me.  If you think you might be interested check out my personal blog for the guidelines.
Starbuckles – the Cafe` Chronicles
  • Yay!  It’s a new Segment!  I hope you enjoy it.
  • I hang out at Starbucks a fair bit because they leave me alone while I’m knitting or embroidering.  I’m going to collect some stories as I sit there…and bring them to you.
  • In this episode you’ll hear the first installment about my encounter with a very young and novice stitcher…and her Mum.
Visits to the Yarn store – Ellen’s Visit
  • I’ve recently attended a couple of Rubi and Lana Knitting group meet-ups. Everyone has been absolutely delightful.  But that didn’t stop me from being nervous and so I wrote “Ellen’s visit”
  • This is an entirely fictional account.
  • I also mentioned that Autumn has come to Australia, NSW.  It’s good and inspiring knitting weather.

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  • Firstly, thanks to those listeners who have left comments.  I know I write this every week but I am sincere in my thanks.  Now I know what other podcasters mean when they say it’s the comments that keep them going.
  • A big thank you to the SES (State Emergency Service) for helping get the tree off our roof ….in amongst the countless other tasks they had to complete.
  • Apologies for leaving it so long between episodes.  Life got a little interesting with gale force winds, power blackouts and a tree on our house…and then I stuffed it all up and deleted my first recording of this episode.


  • I’ve decided to put a new segment in for announcements as I’ve had some to make over the last two episodes.
  • If you are in need to new podcasts try switching your country on the itunes istore page.  Not all the knitting podcasts are listed on each country and I found quite a few more by pretending that I was in the UK or Ireland. 
  • I found The Continental on Ireland’s page and My Electic Mess and Purl Diving on the US page.
  • Marly from The Yarn Thing podcast is running a Summer KAL-CAL.  There’s still time to join up so check out the link for more details.


  • I’m still continuing with the TAST challenge.
  • In the last few weeks I worked on cross stitch and designed “The Blue Lady”.
  • Listen to the episode to find out more.
  • As promised here is the picture.  Is she deserving of a bullet?



  • In this episode we hear about my first adventures in spinning, made a lot easier by some beautiful products.
  • Naturally, as  a thrifty crafter I’m not quite up to purchasing a spinning wheel – so I bought a beautiful Spindle from The Spindlemaker.
  • I also purchsed some very beautiful and reasonable merino tops from Virginia Farm Woolworks.


  • In this episode we hear about Vivian’s latest visit to the yarn store..and what did Vivian do next?


  • Naturally at this time the SES volunteers are incredibly inspirational.
  • Also inspirational was a chance meeting with a stranger who talked to me about art and encouraged my work.
  • We bumped into eachother at the cafe in Sappho Books in Glebe – they do a really good Chai.


  • All songs can be found on the podsafe music network.
  • In this episode I played She Dreams in Blue by Josh Woodward


  • How the wind must feel by Amy Kuney

Download the podcast from the Gcast site.


I have a few words of thanks to those who have been supportive and encouraging at the begining of this venture.

  • Firstly to Brenda Dane from Cast On – for her warm and encouraging plug
  • Also to David Reidy from Sticks and Strings -for his plug
  • and to Theresa from Knitting Time Together and to Stitch Stud from Stitch Stud and his Bride for their welcome.
  • Thanks also to all listeners who have left comments – I am excited to receive them and pleased to know that I’m not some crazy lady talking to herself and the computer. 

The Annecdote

  • This week we heard the tale of my attempts to teach my Sister to knit.  Not very successful attempts, I’m afraid.  Though she did learn a bit of embroidery by the end.
  • In our hunt for yarn we visited Tapestry Craft.
  • In our search for a cosy but totally impractical cafe in which to teach someone to knit, we visited The Tea Centre cafe.
  •  I can’t find the copy of the magazine that had the article about teaching others to knit in it.  But I will link it when and if I find it.  In the meantime you could check out issue 1 of  Yarn Magazine, for some ideas on teaching kids to knit.

The Thrify Crafter

  • The tip this week was to try sourcing upholstery shops for sample books of discontinued fabric. 
  • I’ve managed to score some sample books for free.  The fabric can then be used for bag linings or embroidery bases.

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • In this episode we met another character from the yarn store, Rhonda.
  • The person Rhonda was speaking to (who was that, exactly? Partner, husband, father…?) was going to play a game of Paintball.
  • Rhonda was going to start knitting some socks – I wonder what pattern she was going to practice on?


  • This week I found inspiration quite hard to come by until I looked up at the clouds.
  • I remembered reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, in my aspirational hippy days. 
  • I also remembered trying to make clouds disapear with my mind. (Try Illusions – also by Richard Bach)


This is my first podcast so I hope you’ll bear with me while I sort out the techy things. I’m using audacity to record and edit.  I found all the instructions at castwiki . I’ve decided to host through gcast as I need to do this for free at present.  Thank you to those who have gone before me.  I’ve enjoyed so many podcasts in the last couple of years and will eventually get them up on the Blogroll.. but for now lets start with two Australian podcasts: Sticks and Strings and Knitting Down Under , home of the Aussieknit podcast.

 The Anecdote:

  • This week I spoke about my about my adventures with embroidery as I make my way through the Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge run by Sharon B. 
  • Here’s my funny little attempt at Cretan Stitch.  I have redone the seahorse so hopefully there’s no giraffe in sight.

Underwater Scene

 The Thrifty Knitter

  • I purchased a seemly never-ending ball of yarn.  It is Hot Socks by sockenwolle.
  • I referenced the book “The Magic Pudding” by Norman Lindsay – a great Australian children’s classic.
  • And I mentioned that I wouldn’t have been able to knit my hats without Math for Knitters podcast

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • On this podcast we heard the monologue “Rosemary’s Visit”.  I hope you enjoyed it. My intention is to write a number of them including different characters.

I hope you’ll join me for the next episode.  I’ll endeavour to get a link to itunes and the rrs feed on the site as soon as I work it all out.

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