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This week I had fun with a  Romper Room magic mirror and tried to thank all those who have left a comment recently.  I really appreciate it and it really does keep the podcast going. 

I also enjoyed putting the cluster map on the site and seeing where people are visiting form.  I love having one listener in Trinidad, for example.


  • This episode I talk about my trip to the dentist where I got a healthy dose of knitting conversation along with my check up. 
  • Some mentions on Ravellry and Alan Dart.
  • I’ve done some reasonably successful Jelly Crystal dyeing but wanted to experiment with the Rhonda Trounce Dyes that my Mum passed on to me.
  • Whilst waiting for the yarn to simmer and absorb the dye I decided to learn Tatting.
  • Totusmel has some cool instructables  and a utube video for tatting. 
  • I used them both in order to make this flower 
  and this more bizzare and less successful botantical specimen.
  • Here is the fibre in the pot – I’m reasonably happy with the colours.IMGA0842
  • Here is the resulting yarn
  • What pattern shall I knit with it?  I have about 15o metres of sportweight yarn.
  • I found “The Yarn Collective” – an outlet for indie dyers and sellers in australia. 
  • What happens when the cafe` you chose to knit or stitch in is actually a wine bar?
  • Today’s word is Snollygoster!
  • I’m getting these beauties from Save the Words
  • In this episode you will meet lorraine – who seems to have some interesting theories on Yarn –  the product and/or Yarn – the magazine.
  • In this episode we have a look at juxtaposition as inspiration – prompted my my vision of a sheep running down a city street just near Glebe.  Does anyone know what happened to the sheep?
  • I visited the NSW Art Gallery – they had a cool multi media exhibition on.



Thanks to everyone who has emailed or commented or pm’d me on Ravellry.  I think I’ve got back to you all but if not…give me a shove and I will because I appreciate all your good wishes and prods to get back to podcasting.

Thanks to Gigi and Jasmine from The Knitmore Girls for playing my promo.




  • You can donate money to The Red Cross
  • You can enter a drawing after you donate and get your receipt at Serendipity
  • See Handmade Help for craft items up for auction, or to donate items, or to find drop off points for your handmade blankets, scarves etc…
  • See Ecoyarns to contribute to a collection of craft items or coles vouchers for those affected by the fire.
  • Check out the new Australian podcast Craft Cartel which comes up on my itunes as Radical Cross Stitch.  It’s great, mate.
  • Wendy has been organising KAL’s. She’s just taken down the page for them though but you can find them here.  I’m linking to her handdyed fibre and yarn page where you can purchase some lovely yarn if it takes your fancy.  I really like that kettle dyed mauvey colour. She also sells patterns here.
  • I have a spinning wheel – an Ashf0rd Traditonal lent to me by my SIL – I love it.
  • The halfway decent yarn I have produced.imga0586
  • I recently found some lovely yarns at Ecoyarns…I had some Christmas money to spend…yay for Christmas money.
  • I’ve enjoyed teasing my husband with pictures of Art yarn from Intertwined by pluckyduck.  He doesn’t particulalry like the slubbyness…but he’s ok with the colours so I can experiment with a yarn for him – of course I can always experiment with a yarn for me too.  And I will!
  • I’ve found the $10 swap group in Ravellry!
  • I am still trying to find a starbuckles replacement – why is it that everyone thinks I’m a complementary childcare worker whenever I pull out my knitting or stitching?
  • I’ve found save the which has a wallpaper of endangered words.
  • Today’s word lost in the woods is “secability”.
  • Can you supply and sentances for lost words?
  • Today we have a listen to Katie’s visit to the yarn store.
  • Ever had one of those days where you walk into everything? Or is that just me?
  • Many of you asked how I went in the writing course.  It was a fabulous course and I enjoyed it very much.  I did pretty well marks – wise to0, so I was happy.
  • BUT – I find writing quite hard…so I was incredibly excited and relieved to find this talk by Elizabeth Glibert

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I just wanted to say a big thank you to all who have emailed or contacted me through Ravellry to say “Hi” or let me know that you are patiently waiting until things get better and I can put out another podcast.  I really appreciate your support.


There have been soooo many great new podcasts that have come out in the last few months:

For your listening enjoyment please try:

Knaked Knits

The College Knitter

Dyeing to Knit

Knitmore Girls

Sock Tart

ANNECDOTE – Childhood memories

  • In my primary school days I was most taken with a Bargelllo project in shades of purple; a green macrame owl and acryllic wool God’s eyes.
  • The main annecdote in this episode is written by Jessica from Folk and Fairy.  You can read it and view the beautiful accompanying photograph here.
  • It was time to buy my Mum a gift again.
  • I bought her some handmade earings made of china from the broken vases that families smashed under the Communist regime in China.
  • In my travels to find Mum a gift I discovered some handmade felt scarves and embelished teatowels.
  • I didn’t have the time to make her a gift, but wish I had. 
  • I wish I had the time to start a new craft, and ever hopeful, I’ve jsut bought a tatting shuttle…does anyone know how to do this?  I’ve seen a video on u-tube.  I’d love something like the wooden shuttle she’s using – I’ve only ever seen a red plastic one here – which is the one I bought.
  • Wouldn’t you know it!  Just as I started this new section, the Starbucks corporation has decided to pull out stores in Australia and NZ.  Don’t they know I have a podcast here?!
  • So, I’m on  cafe` crawl to find a new stitch spot.
  • Today I explore one destination by the sea, but the search continues.
  • Today we have Melissa’s visit. 
  • She laments the demise of another local yarn store.  But she also delights in the closing down sale.
  • Speaking of LYS’s – I’ve heard on Ravellry that Rubi and Lana’s at Gordon, Sydney, is closing down.  This is one of the most pretty and cosy yarn shops in Sydney. It’s such a shame.
  • Believe it not,  Ripley, I was inspired by Sport!   Specifically by Sally McLennan’s approach to her “finals”.


  • Many thanks to Wendy from Wendy’s Modest Dress for sending me my first podcaster pressie, which I am obviously very chuffed about.  I received four gorgeous skeins of hand dyed yarn in the colourway “Antony and Cleopatra” – beautiful purples and aqua’s.
  • Wendy sells custom handmade sock bags as well as fibre…check it out here.
  • Thanks also to Andrea and Cindy who have joined me in the Pay It Forward Swap…some time in the next 6 months you will recieve…a mystery something.  There is still one place left  – you just have to sign up on my personal blog  – Changelingthings
  • Thanks to Yan Tan Tethera from Ravelry for sharing her instructions for the boarder of her pinwheeel baby blanket.
  • A long overdue thank you to those of you who have left reviews on itunes – it’s very much appreciated.
  • Thanks to those who have left comments on the site or contacted me through Ravelry to let me know you enjoy the show or make friends.  It’s great fun to see where you are all from, and really helps encourage me to keep going with this.
The Annecdote – There’s a hole in the bucket
  • I am still working on the TAST Challenge, whilst others are working on the TIF challenge.
  • These challenges are kindly set up by Sharon b from In a Minute ago
  • I did a little sampler/picture using Basque Stitch
The Thrifty Knitter
  • I finally did some Jelly Crystal yarn dyeing.
  • I used the instructions in Yarn Magazine – issue one.
  • I called the resulting yarn…”Butterfly Garden”
Butterfly Garden
Starbuckles – The Cafe’ Chronicles
  • My not so secret hidey hole was infiltrated the last time I visited and so I had to visit the competition.  Hear what happened in the podcast…
Visits to the yarn Store – Selina’s visit
  • Ever had a bad day at work and retreated to the yarn store to ground yourself? 
  • You might like Selina’s story….
  • This weeks inspiration is a movie review by an anonymous mother.
  • It is for the movie Smart People.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the “what you say” collumn to take a look.
Thanks to all those listeners who have still kept on subscribing to the podcast.  I really aprreciate it.  Thanks also to those who have got in touch to leave comments either at this site or on Ravellry.  I really enjoy hearing from you.
The Annecdote
  • My stash of yarn is pretty small but my stash of love overflows  – this is a tale of how Valentine’s day was celebrated at my place.
  • At the moment my favourite stash yarn is Madil Kid seta in a beautiful cornflower blue.
The Thrifty Crafter
  • Someone left a comment on an earlier episode with a link to Amazon sale pages.  I decided to link to some online yarn store sale pages:
  • Also…I though I’d just mention The Wool Inn at Penrith, NSW.  It has a pay as you knit system going where they hold yarn for 2 months so you can buy it a bit a t a time – good for all us thrifty knitters…not that I live close enough to make use of it – what a shame.
  • THE PAY IT FORWARD SWAP – I have joined this swap but no-one has joined me.  If you think you might be interested check out my personal blog for the guidelines.
Starbuckles – the Cafe` Chronicles
  • Yay!  It’s a new Segment!  I hope you enjoy it.
  • I hang out at Starbucks a fair bit because they leave me alone while I’m knitting or embroidering.  I’m going to collect some stories as I sit there…and bring them to you.
  • In this episode you’ll hear the first installment about my encounter with a very young and novice stitcher…and her Mum.
Visits to the Yarn store – Ellen’s Visit
  • I’ve recently attended a couple of Rubi and Lana Knitting group meet-ups. Everyone has been absolutely delightful.  But that didn’t stop me from being nervous and so I wrote “Ellen’s visit”
  • This is an entirely fictional account.
  • I also mentioned that Autumn has come to Australia, NSW.  It’s good and inspiring knitting weather.


  • Thanks to those listeners who have joined the $1 challenge over the last month or so and left comments on the site to share their treasure.
  • Thanks also to those who have dropped by and said “Hi” on Ravellry.  Unsuprisingly I am listed as “changeling” with the same image as for the show.


  • There are two new podcasts to announce – The Crochet Side – hosted by Brianna and Knit Sibs – hosted by  sisters Valerie, Gloria and Julianne.

THE ANNECDOTE – The Perils of Public Knitting

  • In this podcast I regale you with a knitting travel story – brought to you by State Rail.
  • My current knitting project, now accidentally sprayed with Coke (-a cola), is the Notre Dame de Grace jumper by Veronik Avery.


 The Jesters Hat and Hexed Hat  by Wooly Wormhead ( directions to both hats on same page)

 Lace up Opera Gloves by Ysolda

Minature Felted Pumkin by Wool Winder from Wool Windings

Elf stitchette embroidery pattterns by Hillary Lang from Wee Wonderfuls

Brooke’s Collumn of Leaves Scarf

As well as about 20 other patterns that I will link to on a separate page on this site – please check them out.  If you know of a free fairy pattern please comment or email me and let me know and we’ll see what we can do about building up this list


  • In this episode we met the character of Simone.
  • Simone has bought some roving, or maybe a Spindle.


  • A former student of mine produces a ZINE called Branches with Leaves wich features her phototgraphy.
  • The fact that other people are motivated enough to produce their own creative work for it’s own sake is very inspiring to me.




Download this episode from the g-cast site


  • Thanks to all listeners who have patiently waited for this episode.  I was struck down with podcaster’s block.  I’m hopeful that it has disapeared now.
  • Thanks to those who left comments or sent emails – you  helped me beat the aforementioned block


  • Socks in the city is a not so new podcast you may like to listen too, particularly if you like socks. 
  • In the podcast we re-capped information on Virginia Farm Woolworks.  As this is a small home run business please ring them if you intend to vist to ensure they will be home.
  • Petlins is a fibre/yarn co. in Rhodes that a listener, Roceal, mentioned in the comments for the last show.


  • An interview with Theresa for her podcast Knitting Time Together made me consider the importance of a jumper that my Aunt knitted me. 


  • I’ve been a little dry on ideas for this so if you find anything new let me know!
  • I looked thorugh all my workbaskets to discover what household utensils I had co-opted for a knitting purpose.


  • Meet a slightly darker character, Amber.
  • What is Amber planning?



  • This podcast featured “Twlight Run” by Al Stravinsky  and
  • “The Mermaid” by Great Big Sea.
  • Music is from the Podsafe Music Network

Download the episode from the Gcast site


  • Thanks to those who have commented on the site or emailed me. 
  • Thanks also to those who have left reviews on itunes – I don’t seem to be able to access them but Shannon from SSK kindly read them out to me.

New Podcast

  • There is another new podcast out called Knit Science.  I hope you enjoyed the promo for this and will give her a listen.

The Annecdote

  • Today I mentioned my lovely friend’s reaction to some of my “experimental pieces”.  The ones I was considering selling at the markets.
  • She had some interesting suggestions… and I will take some of them on board.
  • Needless to say: I’m still experimenting

The Thrifty Crafter

  • In this episode I mentioned one of my favourite cheap book stores, Basement Books at Central Station, Sydney.
  • I mentioned  a few of the books I have purchased there including:
  • Cosy Crochet by Melissa Leapman  and
  • Needlepoint by Kate Tully (I couldn’t find a site with pictures for this one)
  • Currently Basement books has Family Album by Kaffe Fasset and Zoe Hunt in stock and selling for $5.95.  I think I saw about 15 copies on the table.
  • I mentioned that I’d be most happy for listeners to leave details of their own favourite thrifty craft book store …so…please do leave a comment and info for everyone else.  But please note that obviously I can’t check them all out and so do not take responsibility for any dodgy directions.

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • In this episode we heard about Dianne’s day at the Yarn Store.
  • Poor Dianne needs a hand in learning to knit.
  • I learned to knit from the book Knitting Workshop by Debbie Bliss.  I will love this book forever as it was my first knitting book.  But I paid about $50 for this book!  I hadn’t discovered Basement books yet.


  • In this episode I was able to read a poem called   “Ode to a Knitted Dishcloth” by Leigh from The Chemgrrl Chronicles


  • We listened to “Big Shot” by the Big George Jackson Blues Band   and
  • “People Make Mistakes” by Aaron Short.
  • All music can be found on the podsafe music network

Pattern A Day Calendar Competition

  • If you are interested in the above competition please click HERE for information.

Download the podcast from the Gcast site.


I have a few words of thanks to those who have been supportive and encouraging at the begining of this venture.

  • Firstly to Brenda Dane from Cast On – for her warm and encouraging plug
  • Also to David Reidy from Sticks and Strings -for his plug
  • and to Theresa from Knitting Time Together and to Stitch Stud from Stitch Stud and his Bride for their welcome.
  • Thanks also to all listeners who have left comments – I am excited to receive them and pleased to know that I’m not some crazy lady talking to herself and the computer. 

The Annecdote

  • This week we heard the tale of my attempts to teach my Sister to knit.  Not very successful attempts, I’m afraid.  Though she did learn a bit of embroidery by the end.
  • In our hunt for yarn we visited Tapestry Craft.
  • In our search for a cosy but totally impractical cafe in which to teach someone to knit, we visited The Tea Centre cafe.
  •  I can’t find the copy of the magazine that had the article about teaching others to knit in it.  But I will link it when and if I find it.  In the meantime you could check out issue 1 of  Yarn Magazine, for some ideas on teaching kids to knit.

The Thrify Crafter

  • The tip this week was to try sourcing upholstery shops for sample books of discontinued fabric. 
  • I’ve managed to score some sample books for free.  The fabric can then be used for bag linings or embroidery bases.

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • In this episode we met another character from the yarn store, Rhonda.
  • The person Rhonda was speaking to (who was that, exactly? Partner, husband, father…?) was going to play a game of Paintball.
  • Rhonda was going to start knitting some socks – I wonder what pattern she was going to practice on?


  • This week I found inspiration quite hard to come by until I looked up at the clouds.
  • I remembered reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach, in my aspirational hippy days. 
  • I also remembered trying to make clouds disapear with my mind. (Try Illusions – also by Richard Bach)



 Thanks to all those listeners who have returned for a second show. Apologies that the show notes were a little late – I’ve been having computer issues.  I’ve now put a link at the top of this post so that the show can be downloaded directly from the gcast site without the need for itunes or a podcatcher.  You just have to scroll down the page until you get to the episodes which have a play button and a download button next to them. 


Thanks to Claudia and Andrea for leaving the first precious comments on this site.
Thanks as well to the podcasters below for their comments and welcome – which really says to me “There’s room for everyone to play in the sandbox”

Manda from Knitting Psychos

Shannon from SSK

Kate from Aussie Knits

Marly from Yarn Thing.

 The Anecdote

  • This covered my Charity Knitting experience where my pride bubble burst.
  • Please don’t let that dissuade you from taking part in Wrap With Love. (I didn’t mention this name on the podcast because I’m not 100% sure if this was the one I went to – but it was similar)
  • I’m happy if others learn from my mistakes and turn up with their own pre-knitted squares to cover for the fact that they are a very slow knitter.

The Thrifty Knitter

  • I talked about two sets of needles. The first was Sullivans Bamboo Straight needles for 99c at Lincraft.  Please note that I consider these needles to be cheap and cheerful.
  • The second pair I talked about were Casein needles made by Swallow.  Please note that I consider these needles to be gorgeous.

Visits to the Yarn Store

  • We met the character of Sally, who’s is all geared up to knit Annie Modesitt’s Twisted Float Shrug from Vogue Knitting – Fall 2005.  It’s pictured on the cover.



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